Google Play Store vs. iTunes: Battle of the Finance Giants – Which Ones Comes Top?

Google Play Store and iTunes Store are two of the major digital media stores available in the whole world. These two giants offer an extremely large amount of media content that includes TV shows and movies. They actually seem to break the digital media market. Now, iTunes has been on the market way longer than Google Play Store but this is not to say that it is better in any way.

There is a solid reason why both of them appear at the top, which makes it hard to come up with a winner. However, they do have differences, some annoyances here and some delights there over the other so we will compare them to see which one suits who best.

IOS or Android – the platform

Most people tend to think that they can only use either iTunes store or Google Play store based on the OS they use. This means Google for Android and iTunes for iOS. However, thus is simply a misconception. You see, in general, iTunes was designed to work on all IOS devices but what most people don’t know is the fact that it can also be installed on Windows and Mac, something that cannot be done with Google Store.

In addition to that, not all Android-based devices can access Google Store like for instance the Amazon Kindle Fire, which has its own store. Unlike iTunes, Google Play has other independent services that have separate apps like Google Play Music, Google Play Newsstand, Google Play Music & TV, Google Play Games and Google Play Books. All these apps except Google Play Newsstand can operate on an IOS device and not just Android.

Free credits for Google Play.


Both iTunes and Google Play sell movies, music, apps and TV shows. However, in order to judge the media store that offers better in this category, the media catalog is very important to look at. At this point, it seems like iTunes has a lot more than Google Play when it comes to music, movies, and videos.

The problems with this is that while iTunes lists it has well over 26 billion songs available in 119 countries it is pretty hard to tell how much content is available in Google Play because they provide no statement about it. Google Play Store catalog only states that there are millions of songs and thousands of movies and TV shows without being specific.

Google Play has specific unique content that you won’t find in iTunes like magazine subscriptions, web feeds, e-Books and server generated tropical feeds. There are also those that are unique to iTunes like podcasts, audio-books and music videos which are not available in Google Play.


The prices

The prices on the media content the two stores release are another key aspect we should compare between the two stores. Currently, their prices are almost similar with iTunes offering $10 per month to listen to any song you want and Google charging $9.99 for a single account.


When it comes to accessibility, Google Play is so much better compared to iTunes. With Google Play, you do not necessarily need to download the app just so you can access it. When making purchases in Google store, you will also not encounter as much complications are you are likely to in iTunes.

Google also has a lot more free stuff to offer its customers. When it comes to iTunes, you do have to download the application first in order to get access, it is quite hard to get any free content and if you do get some, it is almost of no value.

DRM is media content

Both iTunes and Google Play store are DRM free and this means that copying files, editing them or burning them from the stores is possible. iTunes videos though cannot play on any device that is not iOS based but Google Play videos can be watched on other devices through the Google Play Store website.

Final Thought

Regardless of what device you are using and what OS it is based on, an app store is of importance and something a lot of people cannot do without. We do have to agree that Google Play Store has a lot more over iTunes but no matter which one you choose to go with you will still get as much as you need.